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Auckland Quarry: Cleanfill Tip Site | Waste Concrete Recycling | Aggregate Supplies

We're an East Auckland suburban yard (Mt Wellington/St Johns), supplying recycled crushed concrete eco-aggregate alongside quarried virgin metal for civil and construction works as well as residential projects. 
Auckland Quarry is also a convenient tipping site for construction and infrastructure businesses working in the wider Auckland area.  We accept  tips of clean waste concrete and cleanfill / mixed fill (except material from high risk or HAIL sites or with hazardous contaminants).
Being local means the haulage time and costs on your project are minimised and effective. Your project will also benefit from the efficiencies achieved with increased truck run frequency - no loader downtime waiting for trucks to make the long return journey back to site.

Clean/hard fill tipping, waste concrete recycling + aggregate supplies
Clean/hard fill tipping, waste concrete recycling + aggregate supplies

truck tipping waste concrete hard fill at tipping site Auckland
Tipping: from single axle trailer/ute up to 8-wheelers

supply bays in yard storing metal aggregate grades and recycled crushed concrete eco aggregate grades
Suppliers of quarried aggregate & recycled crushed concrete eco-aggregate

metal aggregate crushed concrete from auckland metal yard
Tip rates & Aggregate rates

waste concrete tips, recycled crushed concrete aggregate
Waste concrete to be recycled into crushed concrete eco-aggregate

Cat 325 Digger or excavator on tandem trailer for hire
Cat 325 digger for hire


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