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✔️ We're a conveniently located tipping site for clean fill and clean waste concrete/hard fill

♻️ We recycle Auckland's waste concrete by crushing, screening and grading into eco-aggregate for sale and re-use

✔️ We supply crushed concrete eco-aggregate grades as well as virgin quarried aggregate grades

Did you know...

Construction and demolition waste is estimated to represent as much as 50% of all New Zealand’s waste, according to the Building Research Association of New Zealand.  Of that, around 25% is concrete waste - a huge amount of waste concrete destined for New Zealand’s landfill.

When Auckland Quarry began operating, there were limited options in central Auckland for yards  accepting tips of waste concrete and recycling it.  A lot of the waste was simply headed for landfill sites.  And running trucks hauling that waste all the way to landfills on the outskirts of Auckland meant increased time and costs for local construction and civil projects.

So in 2015 the Auckland Quarry Mt Wellington yard was set up to accept and then process for re-use, some of the vast amounts of concrete waste created by Auckland’s demolition, construction and infrastructure boom, as well as providing local construction projects with a handy clean fill tip site.

Our Tainui Road yard is now well-known as a convenient local site for tipping clean fill and clean waste concrete, and for supplies of recycled crushed concrete (eco-aggregate), as well as quarried virgin aggregate, in various grades.  

We accept all kinds of clean waste concrete - from power poles, to tilt slabs, to home driveways.  The waste concrete is recycled by crushing and processing to remove any rebar, and screened into various grades of crushed concrete eco-aggregate, ready for re-use.  Our service reduces the amount of waste going to landfill as well as reducing the carbon footprint left by trucking it there.
Everybody wins.

And being local means you benefit from the reduced costs and time of hauling waste/cleanfill, as well as being able to collect your aggregate supplies at the same time from a yard close to your project.  

Give Jason at Auckland Quarry a  call  if you’ve got a project on and need a quote for local tipping and/or aggregate supply. 

Meet the Auckland Quarry customer team

Jason Boggs

Jason Boggs - Owner & Manager

The 'Big Man' about town - well... about the yard anyway. 
Talk to Jason  about a quote for your project and/or aggregate requirements.

Auckland Quarry sales office

Urmila - Sales & Office Manager

Urmila is your go-to in the office and manages the docketing for trucks in and out and loads of other stuff. 
Best not mess with her.


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