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Reducing landfill and providing a sustainable alternative to quarried aggregate

Why recycle waste concrete?

By recycling clean waste concrete and re-using as recycled crushed concrete eco-aggregate:

  • it reduces the burden on New Zealand’s landfills and extends their life

  • companies can avoid the new tip levies at landfills for construction and demolition waste - levies which Govt. will increase annually through to 2024 when they'll reach $30/Ton!

  • we'll help to preserve our landfill resources for the truly non-recyclable waste

  • it helps reduce the pressure on natural aggregate – natural aggregate is a finite supply and apart from recycled crushed concrete, there are no known substitutes

  • using a local site for tipping and metal supplies means shorter trips, less running costs, less carbon emissions, less road congestion, less road wear and tear

benefits of recycling waste concrete

Why use aggregate made from recycled concrete?

When you choose recycled crushed concrete eco-aggregate for your project:

  • it’s good for business and for New Zealand’s environment
  • it’s clean, green, and lean in price! 
  • it’ll help keep construction costs down
  • it’ll  improve project efficiency and job cost – recycled crushed concrete eco-aggregate yields more volume by weight (up to 15%)
  • you’ll help to conserve our natural quarried aggregate resources
  • you help reduce the environmental stress from quarrying, and reduce pollution from trucking metal from quarries (sometimes carted over 100 km from source to site in Auckland)

Where can recycled crushed concrete be used?

The appropriate grade of recycled crushed concrete eco-aggregate can be used almost anywhere natural aggregate is currently used in commercial or domestic projects, including:

  • General fill, eg beneath grass, behind retaining walls etc
  • Loose on driveways, as unsealed hard stand areas, as paver base for landscaping
  • As basecourse or sub-base for footpaths/pavements, medium trafficked roads, driveways and other asphalted or sealed surfaces
  • As basecourse under building foundations/slabs
  • In civil works such as stopbanks, earth bunds, soakage pits, drainage channels and as pipe and cable trench bedding and backfilling
  • Farm tracks, bases and foundations for implement sheds, dairy sheds, etc
  • Domestic drainage systems
  • Bulk fill, eg embankments and retaining wall construction
  • Railway Ballast (subject to Ballast Track Specification 140 compliance)

recycled crushed concrete

Buyers and users of Auckland Quarry recycled crushed concrete eco-aggregate must make their own assessment of the product’s grade and suitability for use in each specific application


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